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Lost Videos :'(

Posted by Sock Jibble on Monday, February 1, 2010, In : The Pajommaz 

I AM SAD!!! Clip, Paul, and I found out the the videos for Triangle, Burnin' Up, and I like to... were recently lost by the studio during the long editing process. PIECES OF JOM. I went into my trailer and stared at Clip's most of the day. Finally after long hours of mourning over hard work lost, I got up and clipped my toenails. I then gave them to Paul who put them in his haggis-flavoured ice cream sundae. Then Paul started pooping and peeing his pants so hard it made me and Clip start poop...

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Pajommaz/Sock Update from his manager

Posted by Sock Jibble on Thursday, December 3, 2009, In : The Pajommaz 
Hello dear fans of Sock Jibble,
This is Sock's manager Mr. Flam with an update. Sock hasn't been able to update his blog recently because of his Pajommaz UK and US tour. Also he has forgotten. But fear not little jommers! Sock WILL be updating his  blog soon. So keep your bums in your seat and stay fresh in the Flam!

Mr. Flam

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3 new songs from the Pajommaz to drop!

Posted by Sock Jibble on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, In : The Pajommaz 
Aren't you estatic? Clip, Paul and I got together last week and recorded and filmed three new Pajommaz singles! They are entitled "I Like To...", "Triangle", and a cover of the popular Jonas Brothers song (Nick is sooooo hot! I have a boy-crush on him.) "Burning Up". We will put these videos up on Youtube soon for viewing experience.

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