I AM SAD!!! Clip, Paul, and I found out the the videos for Triangle, Burnin' Up, and I like to... were recently lost by the studio during the long editing process. PIECES OF JOM. I went into my trailer and stared at Clip's most of the day. Finally after long hours of mourning over hard work lost, I got up and clipped my toenails. I then gave them to Paul who put them in his haggis-flavoured ice cream sundae. Then Paul started pooping and peeing his pants so hard it made me and Clip start pooping and peeing. Then Draco Malfwoy appeared and shouted "EXSPELLEEEOMUS!!" and the poo and pee dissapeared. Paul and Draco then started looking at each other really sexually and then started flirting. Then Rihanna appeared and started shouting that she was hard.