Flight to LA

June 10, 2009

Wassssssssupppppp!!!!! Tonight at midnight im getting on my private jet to fly to LA. Why? I'm promoting my new Summer collection of course! Duhhhh. It will be out around July sometime. A preview with be given, but only for the elite (Sorry guys I did my best!). Anyway, Jennifer is about to record her new album! Be sure to buy it when it hits stores. That's pretty much all. Catch you in LA!



Vogue Photoshoot with Paul and Jennifer

June 9, 2009

Heyyyyyyyy friends! Hope your feeling hyper right now! Last week (Sorry for the late post) Jennifer, Paul and I participated in an ultra glamorous Vogue photoshoot. The photoshoot was outside so we all looked extra gorgeous with the wind blowing through our hair (Especially Jennifer with that sexy outfit of hers. Paul was looking good too wearing super sophisticated white framed glasses.) while sipping our cold Martinis behind the scenes. They had specially laid out haggis for Paul, healthy f...

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