Heyyyyyyyy friends! Hope your feeling hyper right now! Last week (Sorry for the late post) Jennifer, Paul and I participated in an ultra glamorous Vogue photoshoot. The photoshoot was outside so we all looked extra gorgeous with the wind blowing through our hair (Especially Jennifer with that sexy outfit of hers. Paul was looking good too wearing super sophisticated white framed glasses.) while sipping our cold Martinis behind the scenes. They had specially laid out haggis for Paul, healthy food for Jennifer (How she keeps her stunning figure) and Real Sausages for me made out of actual animal insides (Delish!). Po Po (Paul's Ex) was also behind the scenes being a nag. I swear when she barks like that at us you might as well replace the pretty polka dot bow in her hair with devil horns. Anyways I will post the photos soon. Stay gorgeous!

                    Smooches <3,