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Sorry darlings but this site is currently in construction. Check back later for an amazing spread of dazzling fashion that will blow your socks off! No pun intended.






About Sock Jibble 

Sock Jibble, world famous elite fashion designer began his career at age 12, while touring the world with his dad Shoe Jibble. Shoe, his dad was a world famous rockstar. Sock's life changed when his dad asked him to design an outfit for him. He then started  a passion for design after creating a gorgeous Velour vest that Shoe wore on stage. Sock then asked his brother Clip Pinko, to help with his designs. Clip then also developed a passion for fashion after helping Sock design a silk cover up, and when both brothers turned 13, they officialy seperated, not wanting competition from the press because they were brothers. Sock then opened several boutiques in the downtown areas of many cities. His luxury designs made of expensive fabrics such as velvet, cashmere, leather, and suede were admired by many people. At age 17 after much success Sock's life was changed. Clip had wandered into an SJ boutique and they had immediatly caught each other's eye. They talked, caught up and Sock learned about Clip's clothing like Pinko & Jamskey. After talking for hours they made a very funkylicious decision. They decided to create a band, with their old friend Paul Wingadingdong who had also created a fashion line with the name PWAD. The Pajommaz was the chosen title and they later created many hit songs including Call Your Mama, and I Got it From my Dada. Though this band found great success it was cut into all three bandmate's clothing schedules. A descision was made to keep the band but focus on clothing more. To this day the Pajommaz are making fewer songs, still keeping the same funky factor, and focusing on their ultra cool clothing lines.

Sock has been dating model/singer Jeniffer Mobson since early February.



Pinko & Jamskey

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